Don’t you just love Holi? The colours, the shararat, the masti, the food, the games, the music….even the thought of the past celebrations is enough to bring a smile on your lips. Ever wondered if there are other festivals which are just as colourful as our beloved Holi? We bring to you a list of colourful festivalas around, which transform otherwise mundane days and landscapes into dazzling Kodak moments –

1. La Tomatina

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Thanks to ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara‘, we are no more strangers to La Tomatina. Began in 1945, as a battle among the local youth of Buñol, Spain following a scuffle. Soon it became a popular annual festival but was consequently banned, only to be revived in 1980 as it attracted a large number of tourists from all over the world. It is held on the last Wednesday of August.

2. Chinese New Year

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The Chinese usher in the New Year with continuous celebrations for 15 days between January 21 and February 20. Each day has scheduled special events. Everything comes alive with festive fervor, with reds and golden splashed across generously. Chinese masks, Dragon dances, band marches and martial arts performances highlight the event. But it is the Lantern Festival, on the last evening which will take away one’s breath. Thousands of fired lanterns are floated, illuminating the sky with little specks of gold.

3. Carnival of Rio De Janeiro

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The biggest carnival worldwide, where over two billion people met-greet-n-celebrate on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is a 6-days event, held just before the Lent, every year. Music, dance and costumes with their unmatched vibrancy form an integral part of the event. Samba parades by various dance schools are the major attractions of this carnival.

4. Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, New Mexico

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It would not be an exaggeration to call this, the Holi in the skies, this Balloon Fiesta, was first arranged to mark the 50th birthday of 770 KOB Radio. Held in early October, this 9-days event is now the biggest hot-air ballooning festival, internationally and one of the most photographed events. This festival has offers various special events and competitions.

5. Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival

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It is the coolest festival, both figuratively as well as literally. Officially, it starts on January 5 and lasts for one month, but the exhibits often open earlier and stay longer. The SUN ISLAND and ICE AND SNOW WORLD are the two main exhibition areas. Large and multi-colored LED illuminations have now replaced candles of 1985, the pioneering version of this event.

6. Loi Krathong Festival, Thailand

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The name meaning “to float a basket” comes from the tradition of making a buoyant decorated basket and floating it. An annual event, usually takes place in the month of November; it originated from the ritual of paying respects to water spirits. A beauty contest and fireworks are regular features of this festival.

7. Mardi Gras

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Pronounced as “Mardi Gra” means “Fat Tuesday” is held annually in New Orleans, LA. It is a manner of welcoming the start of the Christian liturgical season of Lent, starts after January 6. It is the season of parades, balls and king cake parties. Celebrations are continued for about 2 weeks before and through Fat Tuesday. One major parade take place every day, the most elaborate parades are held on the last 5 days.

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