7 HOT Trends for Women From The Ramps of Fall 2018

The Ramps of Fall 2018

The fashion is colourful and everchanging and the Fall 2018 collections presented on the various ramps of the world prove the same. Whether it be open-V neckline by Chloe in Paris or the designer suits by JJ Valaya, fashion is a revolution that touches every life.

The Ramps of Fall 2018
Louis Vuitton, fall 2018.

Coming to Fall 2018, every piece on the ramp was geared towards the person wearing it rather than the garment quality. The colours, patterns, design and every single element of the dresses represented the person inside it. Right from the luxurious bridal dresses to the radioactive colour inspired boots, the character was one thing that was common. This is why the collection of Fall 2018 was special and versatile. Right now, we are going to look at 7 hot trends that the world witnessed in the fashion shows.

The Greatness of the 80’s

Animal prints, magnificent hues, attractive colours and short dresses ruled the ramps at many fashion shows. The approach by the designers was pretty straightforward and the oversized character of the style perfectly exhibited the 80’s feel. To make things steamier, there were many short dresses, especially the ones from Isabel Marant that ensured that the summer lasted a little longer this time.

Spreading the Sparkle

The phrase “Rise and Shine” was taken too literally this fall and the end results were exorbitantly sweet. The twinkling experiences and the shiny dresses were all over the ramp. In fact, the bling extended to the accessories and footwear too. While many would think a chainmail armour has no place in fashion, Thom Browne proved that fashion has a sound and it is chainmail.

The Statement Coat

Going by what we see, coming months can see markets full of shaggy coats that will not fail to make a statement of their own. For example, Givenchy displayed some awesome coats that were huge, furry, friendly and drool-worthy. Now combine it with your designer suits and that is all you would need this season.

Hi Balaclava

It’s time to retire your hats, caps and beanies of all sorts and make room for one headgear that you never imagined would make into the fashion world. This one is known as the Balaclava. Women who have not heard of it before, are definitely not going to fall in love with it instantly but the ones who have heard about this thing before, well, you gotta show us how to adorn one and look sexy.

Our Love for Neon

Neon has been around for a while. So what changes Fall 2018 from 2017 or 2016? The shape and character of the garment. Neon, until now, was being used to highlight the style. This time, the designers have used neon to highlight the soul of the fashion. Neon looks fabulous and makes you stand out and when brands like Louis Vuitton jump into the Neon game, you know things are going to get intense.

These were our best trends from the Fall 2018 collection. What do you think? What would you vote for? Neon or the Sparkle?

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