Finally, a dream being put into words and thoughts being put into action. I have always wanted to write and share my views on fashion and style and connect with those who have a thing for it, just like me. I would begin by thanking everyone who has inspired me to do this and I hope, I will never ever let anyone of you down.

About Me

Hi, My name is Purnima Madaan and I am a blogger, a professional content writer, a self-made digipreneur, a professionally trained makeup artist, a stylist and a big time movie buff. I love to eat and dance and when I am not going through the internet or dressing up for the parties, I usually get into my pyjamas, pop some corn and watch my favourite movies and sitcoms.

About OOTDiva

OOTDiva stands for Outfit Of The Diva and it is my approach and initiative on fashion, style and health. It is everything that I know, learn and feel about the three niches mentioned above and products and services that help me live through the boredom of life.

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