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Working Out Weight Loss: The Best Ways To Hit Your Goals

If you took a second to research weight loss online, you’d be presented with hundreds of pages of links, articles, tips, and guides. This is a subject of great interest and intrigue, but there’s so much conflicting information out there. If you feel like weight loss is a conundrum you just can’t seem to solve, […]


Capris Can Be Tricky! But Not If You Know This

A lot of girls give up on capris because these cute little things can be hard to style. I mean, it’s totally understandable if you have not been able to style a Capri like you style the rest of your clothes. However, with so many capris online, don’t you feel tempted to buy yet another […]

coffee face mask

Top 5 Best Coffee Face Mask For All Skin Types

Some of you might rely on a strong morning cup of coffee to boost their energy, and some may take it in the evening or at bedtime. But do you know that the small coffee beans can work wonders on your skin? Coffee can directly benefit your skin like it reduces the appearance of cellulite […]

7 Places For Cheap Shopping In Mumbai

Once you are done with all the touristy things in Mumbai, I recommend that you leave the big bling behind and head over to these thrifty markets for some real earth-shaking cheap shopping. Colaba Causeway This is one of the best places to pick every ethnic accessory in your mind. I would recommend checking out […]

beat food poisoning

How To Beat Food Poisoning Fast

Image Source. Licensed under Creative Commons. Think you may have food poisoning? Certain undercooked foods or foods that have been left unrefrigerated can contain harmful viruses and bacteria that can make us sick when eaten. Common symptoms may include vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain. Dealing with food poisoning isn’t fun – until the toxin has […]


My Experience With Levo Spalon Best Spa in Gurgaon

I have been looking for a premium luxury salon and spa in Gurgaon for a long time. And one good day when I was invited to Levo Spalon well located at Pegasus one, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon; I was so excited to try out their premium services. I had taken three services that day, and […]

sonam bajwa

Actress Sonam Bajwa Can Teach You The Perfect Way To Wear Pastels

If you do not follow the Punjabi movie industry, you have probably never heard about Sonam Bajwa. Nevertheless, right now I am going to take you through her Instagram account where she is a regular; and can inspire you to take your pastel shenanigans, a notch above the normal. View this post on Instagram It’s […]

living room

Living Room Layout And 5 Tips To Make It Look Amazing

The living room is the focal point of any home. It is used almost throughout the day. Various occasions and celebrations are carried out in the living room. Therefore, care should be taken before designing your living area. It should not look too crowded and at the same time should reflect your taste. You can […]

Five Signs That May Mean You Have A Food Intolerance

Food intolerance is something that can happen at any point in our lives, and it’s not definitively known what causes this intolerance in our bodies. If you believe that you have a food intolerance then here are five signs that might mean you have one. A Bloated Feeling There are plenty of food groups that […]

mamaearth c3 face mask review

Mamaearth C3 Face Mask Review – Sulphate And Paraben Free

Clay face masks are considered as the best face masks as they have several benefits attached to them. Some of these benefits are clay comes with marvelous detoxification properties, it helps in shrinking of pores and make your skin look more healthy. There are several clay masks available in the market these days and one […]

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Why Am I No More Afraid Of Accidentally Deleting My Travel Photos?

A lot of people think that reservations are the biggest problems that travel bloggers face. However, the truth is, losing valuable photos and videos is an even bigger problem that travelers face. I mean, if you think about it losing content is not just unfortunate, it translates to losing business, followers, and authority. This is […]