6 Myths About Infertility

India is a land of myths. We have a possible myth theory behind each and everything in life. Just like that, pregnancy also comes with a lot of myths and especially with infertility. Let us see some of the most common and broad talked about myths which even today a lot of people are considering it as true.

myths about infertility

It is easy for all women to get pregnant and infertility is only associated with men

This is completely wrong. Women can still find it difficult to conceive due to certain complications which will prevent the natural fertilization process from happening. It is true that many women conceive without any difficulties. But this will only happen during the peak of women’s fertility health or reproductivity.

All men are fertile

No, not all men are fertile. In fact, male infertility is the most common cause of infertility between couples is male infertility. Males are very prone to infertility problems because of their lifestyle and other reasons like stress and mental health.

Many counselor’s advice that infertility is a psychological problem and not a physical problem

It is definitely a physical problem as infertility is determined based on sperm health and count in men and vaginal health in women. So there is very little psychology can do here. Though the performance during physical intercourse largely depends on your mental health, physical health also plays an important role.

The more you do, the more you are closer towards getting pregnant

The amount of sex you have does not determine your conception, but the kind of sex you have does. More sex is good in any good relationship but couples should not force themselves in overdoing it as their wait for conception is getting longer. This will lead to frustration between the couples and might even result in losing the interest.

Adopting a child will bring good karma and the woman will become pregnant

This one of the hilarious myths we can come across. This fact is not verified by science, and there is no proof to back this claim. Whoever has said this has tried to increase the rate of adoption among childless couples, which is a good thing in fact.

The couple files for a divorce if they are childless for a long time

We might have seen this quite often in movies. But when it comes to real life, this does not work in a way it is mentioned. Of course, infertility can be one of the toughest things to handle as a couple, but science has only proved that infertility makes the emotional bonds of the couples stronger.

If you feel you are facing difficulties in conceiving, then visit any best fertility hospitals in Pune or any city you belong to and get yourself check before you start making assumptions around infertility as it can give you a lot of mental pressure.

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7 thoughts on “6 Myths About Infertility”

  1. Pooja Bhandari

    Yes there are many myths about getting pregnant in India. Sometimes this ultimately reaches to getting into weirdest solutions instead of the scientific one. Such posts helps bringing awareness. Good job!!

  2. There are numerous myths associated with pregnancy and infertility. Some are age old while some lacks basic logic. It’s great you talked about it here in detail. Great job.

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