6 Things We Learned From London Fashion Week 2018

February is a month of events long and unending. We have the Black Pride, Valentine’s Day, the Superbowl and lest we forget, The London Fashion Week.

You’ve probably heard all about it already. The much loved and revered Queen Elizabeth was there along with the queen of fashion, Anna Wintour right in the first row. It is part of the Big Four- the four major fashion shows in the world of fashion. I don’t want to get too into it. Rather, we are going to see what we can learn from this event of bling.

Colour has not left!

Stay true to your fun side with splashes of colour accentuating your everyday look to feel the energy flow. One thing these shows never skimp out on is definitely the brights and the lights. Colour is here in 2018 and it is here to stay.

Make bold choices!

Be it a statement skirt, a parka, a bomber jacket or even bright lip colours, flaunt it. An all-black outfit can go from emo to class with just a red lip or a beaded bright choker all the while staying within the business casual look.

Models were looking perfect

One particular detail that really caught my eye was how bare and natural the models all looked. The emphasis was on the overall presentation; they were dressed to impress not shock. Likewise, minimalistic makeup can really help to bring clarity and class to your everyday style. While a red lip and smokey eyes can be very inviting, the nude face isn’t hyped for no reason.

Everything was harmonized

From the lights to the way the ramp was set up, everything was coordinated. The bold colours complimented the subtle hues of beige and black. The pulled back hair complimented the outrageous versions of beauty these designers had put up. Your clothes don’t have to match all the time, in fact, it’s better if they don’t. However, they must be complementary to each other. If your outfit is screaming loud, maybe add a nude accessory. If you’ve paired denim with denim, add another texture to the mix. As long as the palette is visually appealing, it works.

Models hit the bar

While this has nothing to do with style and clothing, watching these shows helps in humanizing the models and lowering the pedestal they are put upon. The backstage videos, the interaction with fans, the emotions on their faces that accompany the high that comes from putting on a great show are all an experience indeed.

Witnessed Sustainable fashion

This year the London Fashion Week had also incorporated a lot of sustainable fashion. Fashion made from sustainable sources, which isn’t made from cheap manual labour is sustainable fashion. This way you can look good while not bringing harm to anyone or anything.

I’ve listed out six things I learnt from the London Fashion Week. It was a spectacular event, with the sparkles and the shine all in perfect place.

With all this said, it is important to keep in mind that trends change in the blink of an eye, and what truly matters is how you want the world to perceive you. Stay true to what feels right and what feels like you, and you will notice the spring in your step.

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