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9 Surprising Ways How Your Body Changes After Having A Baby!

  As a new mother, it's important to know the changes your body goes through during and after pregnancy. If you're curious about how your body looks and feels after having a baby, you'll love this post!

1: Your Breasts Grow Bigger

The first thing you may notice is that your breasts may increase in size. This is due to hormonal changes, increased milk production, and the increased pressure in your chest caused by your growing baby.

2: You'll Lose Weight

Many women lose weight during and after pregnancy. This is mainly due to the reduced caloric intake and increased physical activity required for breastfeeding. However, some women also lose weight because their bodies are changing as they become pregnant and nursing mothers.

3: Your Waistline Shrinks

topless woman with black panty Your waistline will shrink as your uterus decreases in size and your body begins to burn more calories to feed the baby. This happens even if you don't lose any weight overall.

4: You'll Get Acne

Acne tends to increase during and after pregnancy because of hormonal changes, increased oil production, and a change in skin surface area. It's usually temporary but can be frustrating if it stays long after the baby is born.

5: You'll Sleep More Than Before Pregnancy

Sleep deprivation isn't just a problem for working mothers! Pregnant women often find that they need more sleep than usual due to hormone fluctuations, morning sickness, and caring for a baby.

6: You Have More Baby Fat Than You Realized

woman in white shirt carrying girl in blue shirt Baby fat is a great thing! It helps to keep your baby warm and protects them from damage. However, you may be surprised to discover that you have more baby fat than you thought. This is due to hormonal changes and the fact that your body is now converting food into energy for the baby.

7: Your Hair Thins Out

Hormonal changes cause the hair on your head to thin out. This is due to the increase in hair shedding and the decrease in the production of sebum, an oil that protects the hair from damage.

8: You'll Have More Gas and Bloating

Many pregnant women experience more gas and bloating than they did before they became pregnant. This is due to the increase in stomach volume and the fact that food takes longer to digest.

9: You Eat More Crap Food Than Ever Before

person holding burger with lettuce and cheese Pregnant women tend to eat a lot of junk food. This is because they are ravenously hungry and want to fill their stomachs with as many good things as possible. However, you don't have to give up your favorite foods! You can still enjoy them guilt-free by eating smaller portions and avoiding sugary snacks.


So there you have it – 9 surprising ways your body changes after having a baby. And remember, if you have any questions or concerns, don't be afraid to ask your doctor or midwife. They are experts in this area and can help you adjust to all the changes that happen after pregnancy.  

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