Belly Fat Exercises That You Can Do At Home

Do your friends call you a fat belly? Well, that’s because you cannot get your lazy ass off that couch. If your favorite past time is eating pizzas while doing binge-watch, then soon, you will be round as a pumpkin. Therefore, you need to get up and make that sweat come out. With that said, to help you and your fat, here are the top 5 belly fat exercises that will help you lose some inches from your waist.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are a moving plank exercise that challenges your core along with other bodily muscles. To do this, you need to start with the high-plank position and keeping your hands perpendicular to your shoulders. After that, keep your back straight and bring your left and right knee closer to your chest and back simultaneously. While doing so, make sure you lean your belly button on the side of your spine. This exercise will help you to increase the intensity of your workout and lose weight fast.


Sprawls are a great way to intensify your whole body. It is one of the best belly fat exercises that involves the most muscles and burns a significant number of calories. Moreover, it also tones your abs, upper body, and lower body. To do this, get yourself in pushup position, do a pushup, get on your feet, and jump. Continue as many reps as you want.

Overhead Medicine ball slams

This exercise works against gravity and strengthens your core dominantly. Moreover, it is the best exercise to challenge your endurance and intensify your heartbeats. Use a heavy weighted ball to reinforce this exercise even more. To do this, stand on your feet, lift the ball above your head, and throw the ball down. After that, pick the ball once again and do as many reps as you want.

Russian Twists

The Russian twist is yet another exercise that helps you to build your core and increase strength. You can do this exercise either with a plate or a medicine ball. After that, you need to move your torso sideways and maintain a sit-up position while keeping your feet in the air.

Incline running

As you already know, running is a great exercise to lose calories and get in shape. However, if you want to see speedy results and burn calories faster, you should consider running on an inclined surface instead of a flat surface. One of the best exercises to do so is by running on an inclined surface for around 10 minutes. After that, you need to jog for another ten minutes. Later on, start running with all your pace as if you are in a sprint. Doing this for around 30-35 minutes will help you generate enormous sweat and burn a lot of calories. Hence, you’ll lose weight twice as faster as a regular jog.

Get up, wear your track pants, and immerse in an extensive workout involving these five belly fat exercises. It is assumed that you will burn those calories in no time.

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