BERRIES – The Healthiest Food on Earth

Berries, as we all know, are soft, small, round fruit, mainly of red, blue and purple colour. Basically, a berry is any fruit that has a single ovary.

Typically, high in fibre, they are sweet or sour in taste and are often used in jams, preservatives, and desserts.
Blueberries, raspberries, goji berries, strawberries, bilberries, cranberries, and grapes are amongst the healthiest berries you can eat.

Reasons why berries are among the healthiest fruit you can eat

High in fibre

Berries are a good source of fibre which slows down the movement of the food through the digestive tract, which increases the feeling of fullness, leading to reduced hunger.

Berries are a low-carb friendly food which helps in weight management as well.

Rich in nutrients

Berries are extremely nutritious. They contain multiple vitamins and minerals. Strawberries, in particular, are a good source of vitamin C.

Good for skin

Apart from nourishing the skin, berries reduce skin wrinkling. Berries contain antioxidants, which helps in less wrinkling and other signs of skin ageing caused due to sun exposure.

Delicious alone or in recipes

berries healthy food

You can use a single type of berry or a mixture of two or more. Eat them as it is or you can make delicious desserts by adding whipped cream, cottage cheese along with chopped nuts.

Helps in weight management

Since berries are a rich source of fibre, they make you feel full. You can add them to your diet if keen to lose weight. Also, the naturally occurring nutrients that help protect cells from damage.

Keep you mentally sharp

Studies have revealed that two servings of strawberries a week leads to less mental decline as these are termed as nutrition powerhouses. Also, they enhance the learning and memory centres in the brain.

It is equally important to eat your fruits at the right time. Eating fruits at the right time allows the body to extract minerals and nutrients, rather than pilling up fruit in your stomach while the other food is being digested.

The best time to eat berries would be

  • In the morning
  • In between meals or in the afternoon
  • Pre and post workout.
  • One can consume berries for three-four times a week.


  1. Fresh is good, frozen may be better
  2. Excellent for brain health
  3. Treat headaches
  4. Enriches hair growth
  5. Contains heart-protective vitamin E
  6. Bilberry improves eyesight
  7. There are over 200 raspberry varieties

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