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studio twenty-7 in gurgaon

Things To Add A Tint Of Uniqueness To Your Living Space By Studio Twenty-7

The place where you spend most of your time is your most sacred place; it’s the place where you make the most number of memories. For such places it’s important you create a positive aura and the more personal you make that place, the more inviting it is. We know it’s not easy to come close to […]

eos lip balm

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with EOS Lip Balm

Valentine’s Day offers a special chance to show someone you care. Now is the time to think about ways to demonstrate that you’re thinking about them all the time. One way of indicating you really care about their needs is by offering them something that makes it easier than ever to kiss your loved one. […]

couple gifts

Say I Love You This Valentine’s Day—with These Five Magical Items from Gucci

It’s one of the most romantic times of the year, so it only makes sense to celebrate it by buying gifts from one of the most romantic brands on the planet—Gucci. For decades now, this fashion brand has reigned supreme. After all, the language of love is universal. And with the following five items featured […]

gifts that he will love

5 Gifts That He Will Fall in Love With

February 14 of every year is a day designated for expression of love. Lovers on this day engage in various forms of loving activities, one of which is the exchange of gift. For mean especially, getting gifts goes a long way in letting him know that you do care. Every man expects to get a […]

Couple goals signs that shows he cares

5 Ways He Shows He Cares That You Could Never See

“Love is a beautiful thing”, is a common phrase amongst people, but the one who can best explain what this really means is the person who is in love with a person who then loves him/her back. Love isn’t a beautiful thing if it’s not reciprocal, because one party will only be trying so hard […]

photo to painting

Make your House Fashionable with a Portrait Painting

The vast majority of, us pay a lot of attention when it comes to our personal style and are even ready to pay a small fortune so that we can get the perfect accessories to compliment our body. Our homes are also an integral part of our day to day life therefore we must take […]

6 Things That You Cannot Afford To NOT Organize

If you have pile full of dirty clothes, shoes and accessories in your facility then it is necessary to keep them in order. Things can get messy if not maintained appropriately, so it’s better to stack them in an organized manner. Not only the place will look messy and unclean but also become home to […]

self-defense for women 2

How To Start With Self-Defense For Women? – A Short Guide

Self-defense for women is different than men. It is an important art for every woman to learn. Since most women lack big physical build and have relatively lesser strength than men, they are more vulnerable to attacks. Assailants believe women are an easy target because they are passive and won’t fight back. But you don’t […]

A Lazy Girls Guide To Self Care

Not many people understand the perks that a girl enjoys when she is lazy. First, she gets to develop solutions that no one has ever thought of; and second, when she gets up, puts on the make up and her favorite black dress with red heels, the world stops and stares at her in an […]

8 Frugal Living Hacks That Can Change Your Life

Moving out can be tough. First, you do not know the brutality of the world since you have always been protected by your parents. And second, suddenly, everyone starts expecting something from you. The carefree teenager now has a home to look after, a boss to keep happy and a bank balance to maintain. While […]

Realme1 Launch

When I Wore My Black Pencil Dress To Realme 1 Smartphone Launch!

A few days back, Amazon invited me to the launch party of their new Smartphone – Realme 1. I was not excited at first but when I reached the Amazon Blink Studio in Gurgaon, I really got goosebumbs. Realme 1 took my heart away. Its amazing features viz. a big storage of 6GB RAM+128GB ROM, […]

Five Books That Explore the Beauty of Teacher-Student Relation

“Once you master the art of facing a room full of teenagers, and come out alive, you can do anything.” – CHASING PEGASUS (a play in ten chords) Teachers have played vital roles in shaping us into what we are, isn’t it? We all have at least one teacher who has left an impression that […]