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6 Things That You Cannot Afford To NOT Organize

If you have pile full of dirty clothes, shoes and accessories in your facility then it is necessary to keep them in order. Things can get messy if not maintained appropriately, so it’s better to stack them in an organized manner. Not only the place will look messy and unclean but also become home to […]

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How To Start With Self-Defense For Women? – A Short Guide

Self-defense for women is different than men. It is an important art for every woman to learn. Since most women lack big physical build and have relatively lesser strength than men, they are more vulnerable to attacks. Assailants believe women are an easy target because they are passive and won’t fight back. But you don’t […]

A Lazy Girls Guide To Self Care

Not many people understand the perks that a girl enjoys when she is lazy. First, she gets to develop solutions that no one has ever thought of; and second, when she gets up, puts on the make up and her favorite black dress with red heels, the world stops and stares at her in an […]

8 Frugal Living Hacks That Can Change Your Life

Moving out can be tough. First, you do not know the brutality of the world since you have always been protected by your parents. And second, suddenly, everyone starts expecting something from you. The carefree teenager now has a home to look after, a boss to keep happy and a bank balance to maintain. While […]

Realme1 Launch

When I Wore My Black Pencil Dress To Realme 1 Smartphone Launch!

A few days back, Amazon invited me to the launch party of their new Smartphone – Realme 1. I was not excited at first but when I reached the Amazon Blink Studio in Gurgaon, I really got goosebumbs. Realme 1 took my heart away. Its amazing features viz. a big storage of 6GB RAM+128GB ROM, […]

Five Books That Explore the Beauty of Teacher-Student Relation

“Once you master the art of facing a room full of teenagers, and come out alive, you can do anything.” – CHASING PEGASUS (a play in ten chords) Teachers have played vital roles in shaping us into what we are, isn’t it? We all have at least one teacher who has left an impression that […]

7 “Festival Of Colors” And Holi Is Not One Of Them

Don’t you just love Holi? The colours, the shararat, the masti, the food, the games, the music….even the thought of the past celebrations is enough to bring a smile on your lips. Ever wondered if there are other festivals which are just as colourful as our beloved Holi? We bring to you a list of […]

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Movies That Made Us Cry

We always feel better after a good cry. If that cry is sponsored by some quality movie time, why not do it? Here are nine movies that will reduce you to tears. I have to warn you, get ready to smack in the face by emotions. Up Anyone who has seen the movie knows Up […]

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Arttdinox – Luxurious Bespoke Kitchen

Recently, I got a chance to experience the amazing Bespoke Kitchen by Arttd’inox at Elle Decor Design ID 2018, New Delhi. Elle Decor Design ID 2018 has given a perfect platform to Arttd’inox to present its signature kitchen. You must be wondering what is Arttd’inox! Let me help you with it. Arttd’inox is one of […]

6 Most Common Teenage Girl Problems

Teenage is not an easy phase for both teenagers and parents. It revolves around behavioural changes, heartbreaks, appearance issues, hormonal changes and this list of problems is never-ending. It is important for girls in this age to develop a sense of who she is and accept the true self. This phase of life involves fundamentally […]