5 Hints He Is Going to Ask You Out On Valentines Day

February 14th of every year is a day designated for the celebration of love. It usually comes with the exchange of gifts amongst loved ones. Friends, relatives as well as lovers often get prepared for this day to show how much they really care about a particular person as well as how that person also feels in return. On this day, many relationships will begin. Valentine’s day usually comes with people expressing their love to others and making them realize how much they care. People often speak out their mind either to toast or even to propose a wedding to their lover. If you have any male friend whom you have a feeling of love toward but wondering if he feels the same way, the following are the key things you should check out for to know if he will actually ask you out on valentine day:

Increased caring


If he increases the rate at which he cares about you as valentine approaches, that might just be a good sign that he is up to something and needs to prepare your mind before he zooms into action, hence, he might ask you out on valentine day.

Asks your schedule


If he keeps asking you about how your schedule will be on Valentine’s day whether you will be changed or not, whether you have a date already or not, this is a good indication that he’s ready to ask you out on valentine’s day. Just relax and watch what happens next.



A gift is one of the best signals a man uses to inform a lady about his feelings towards her. It is a powerful tool used by men to captivate the minds of the lady they love. If he begins to offer you gifts as Valentine gets closer or if he has been offering you gifts before, and now increases it, it might be an indication that he’s going to ask you out on valentine’s day.

Talks about valentine day so much in your presence


If he speaks so much about Valentine while he’s with you, all you need to do is to do a little analysis of his words. If while discussing with you about valentine, he never mentions anyone whom he intends to go out with, that person might just be you.

Gets you what to wear on valentine day


If he gets you an outfit to wear on valentine’s day, especially if he gets the same color for himself, what this means is that he might want you to ask you out on valentine’s day.

Love is a beautiful thing, if you can follow the guidelines above to study your crush, then you are closer to realizing whether you are going to be alone on valentine’s day or you will get a new lover. If you tried all the above methods and still fail, you might have to summon some courage and put forth a question to that man if he will be chanced on valentine’s day.

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