Five Signs That May Mean You Have A Food Intolerance

Food intolerance is something that can happen at any point in our lives, and it’s not definitively known what causes this intolerance in our bodies. If you believe that you have a food intolerance then here are five signs that might mean you have one.

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A Bloated Feeling

There are plenty of food groups that may make you intolerant, but one thing to look out with a symptom is a bloated feeling. This will likely to be very uncomfortable and usually comes on a couple of hours after you’ve had the food. Your stomach area will be tight, and when you touch it, it’ll lightly feel hard. It’s certainly not a pleasant experience, especially when you might be wearing tighter fitted clothing. The best thing to do with this symptom is to change into looser clothing and to apply a warm compress to ease the pain.

Feeling Sick

We’ve all felt nauseous at some point or other, and it’s something that’s familiar. You can often feel it’s going to happen before it actually does and this is, unfortunately, one symptom of food intolerance. You might not end up vomiting, but that nauseous feeling may stay with you until you’ve managed fully to digest the food in question. If you feel sick then it’s best to stop eating anything else to avoid aggravating your stomach further. It’s worth sipping water for a while and not to take big gulps. When it comes to food sensitivity, it might be worth taking some at-home tests, and this lab test website is an example of the results it can achieve.

An Urgent Need For The Toilet

When your food is digesting, if it’s disagreeing with your body, then it’ll want to get rid of it as fast as it can. You may find that after eating your food, it’ll pass through you at a faster rate than usual and you may find an urgent need to go to the toilet so that your body can pass it out. The longer you ignore the need for the toilet, the worse it’ll make you feel, so it’s good to have access to a toilet as soon as you can. Holding it in is going to make you feel sick or faint.


Your body will be working hard to fight against whatever’s in your body, and that can lead to fatigue. You’ll likely to feel very tired, and if you find yourself sleeping a lot more and your diet has changed recently, it may be due to the fact that there’s something within your diet that your body doesn’t like.

Flushing Or Rashes

As well as the above symptoms, there are also physical signs that are worth looking out for. This includes flushing of the skin or rashes that may appear in various places on the body.

If you think this is due to food intolerance, then it’s worth going straight to a doctor as should be the case if you have any of these symptoms.

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