High Protein Sources for Vegan – What is Stopping You Now?

If you have been trying to go vegan, and unable to find sources of protein, this information is going to help you.

Here are various food items that you should include in your diet to ensure that you get all the protein that your body needs. The quantity mentioned below is per 100 grams.

Lentil Flour – 28g

Pumpkin Seeds – 24g

Peanut Butter – 23g

Tahini – 22g

Almonds – 21g

Pistachios – 21g

Flax Seeds – 18g

Cashews – 18g

Oats – 17g

Soybean – 17g

Chia Seeds – 16g

Tofu – 15g

Hazelnut – 15g

Walnut – 15g

Whole Wheat Bread – 11g

Lentils – 9g

Chickpeas – 9g

Red Beans – 9g

Pecans – 9g

Lima Beans – 8g

Macadamia Nuts – 8g

Peas – 5g

Quinoa – 4g

Spinach – 3g

Potato – 2g

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