How to Wear a Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bags are everyday bags for many people. Many love them because they are easy to style and can change their looks from casual to chic in a minute. Check out different ways to wear a crossbody bag in this article.

On the Hip

Crossbody bags are meant to be worn on the hip, and this style always rocks. Swing your crossbody bag on your hip to get it out of the way and still within reach. The strap must be long enough and comfortable to style your crossbody bag on your hip.

Across the Back

If you want your crossbody bag to be totally out of the way, you should wear it across your back. This style is good for jogging or hiking a rough path. You can carry up to 10 per cent of your body weight on your back. Thus, throw in your phone, wallet, water bottle, and other essentials.

Across the Chest

Wearing your crossbody bag across your chest will transform your style from casual to chic in a moment. It is great when you need your hands free to run errands without hindrance. It also allows you to monitor your bag while moving to prevent theft. No one can touch your bag without you knowing when it is across your chest.

Against the Stomach

Another way to wear a crossbody bag when you want to keep a close watch on the content is to wear it against your stomach. It makes it easy to access your phone and wallet while shopping. It also prevents other people from reaching into it without your permission. Regarding fashion, it looks great if you are comfortable rocking this style.

On the Shoulder

You can transform a crossbody bag into a shoulder bag with only a few adjustments. First, sling your crossbody bag on your shoulder and let it dangle by your side. This option is great for people who don’t like having the strap across their chests. You can also reduce the strap length to draw it up within arm’s reach.

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Tips for Wearing a Crossbody Bag

You can do a lot when it comes to wearing crossbody bags. Here are some tips to help you rock it stylishly:

Match and Contrast Colours/Patterns

Make your crossbody bag pop by wearing it in a different colour. For example, go for a dark bag on a light dress or a bright bag on a dark-coloured outfit. A patterned crossbody will contrast nicely with your plain outfit.

Minimise Accessories

When wearing a statement crossbody bag, you should keep all the attention on it. Wear minimal accessories to prevent looking tacky. Add only items you need to complete your look, and leave the extras out.

Consider Your Body Shape

Let your body shape guide you when buying or wearing a crossbody bag. You should check if the shape, size and strap length flattered your figure. Choose a wide strap if you are big-busted and don’t want the strap to bear down across your chest.


Crossbody bags are staples in many people’s closets, but they may always get tired of wearing them the same way. You can eliminate boredom by trying a few different looks with your sling bags. First, try a few styles before the mirror until you find one you are comfortable with.

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