How To Wear Designer Lehengas Like A Boss?

Ask any woman about her favorite traditional cloth that comes to her mind when one says ‘wedding bells’; and all you hear will be designer lehengas.

Intricately created by the expert craftsmen, these lehengas are the epitome of beauty and luxe. Great to spiff up the beauty of women curves, lehengas come in assorted colors, designs, patterns and embellishments. There are various kinds of fabrics as well which demand a lot of attention from the people embracing the beauty of it. One great example is a velvet lehangas. I would recommend going with the Banarasi silk lehengas if you love the Indian textile handicrafts and authentic fabrics.

But here we are talking more than just flaunting the exotic dress. We are talking about taking it a notch up and making it fabulous. Here are a few creative, high-end fashion things you can do with your lehenga.

Kohlapuri Jutti

Kohlapuri Jutti

Not all Kohlapuri juttis come with pointed mouth and colorful pom poms; some of them are really brilliant to be worn with form garbs as well. Look at this pair. They are in matte brick red color which will look great when worn with any light colored tulle or light in weight lehengas.

Not only they look stylish and in trend but they are also more comfortable than any other kind of footwear.

Dupatta Spiffs Up The Look

Let Mrs. Kohli impress you.

Tulle dupatta is the savior to all types of fashion frenzies. However, this time, do something different. Think more Indian, more colorful and more luxurious. Think Banarasi silk dupatta or Kalamkari dupatta. Be it a designer lehenga or a salwar suit or just a kurti, these dupattas have the power to transform the complete look in a snap.

Available in thousands of colours, prints, designs, patterns, border designs, embellishments and embroideries, these dupattas speak the true statement that even a beautiful appearance find hard to state.

Jacket Adhere

Jacket Adhere

If it is cold out there, you cannot do the fashion at the stake of your comfort (well, not always). Wear denim jacket and when you know you are near the venue, you can pull it off or can still carry along according to the weight of the compliments.

Denim is an all-rounder, loved by all. You can create a sassy statement with a denim jacket, light or coral colored lehenga and smoky makeup.

Just The Jhumki

Just The Jhumki

Nowadays, it has become ‘not-necessary’ to wear the complete jewelry set with the lehenga. Even if it is a posh velvet lehenga, women are not abiding by all those heavy jewels rules anymore and can strut off on the street by simply supporting cute little jhumkis or earrings. However, do not let size be a limitation. If you can and if you should, wear big hoops or whatever you want. Jhumkis can definitely do the magic but the hoops are definitely a big statement.

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