When Was The Last Time You Thought About Bladder Health?

Bladder health isn’t something that we really think about that much, especially when we are younger. People might be a little embarrassed to talk about it and they assume that bladder problems only happen to you when you are older, so they don’t need to worry. But that’s not true and you can develop bladder issues at any stage in life. You’re also more likely to have problems when you are older if you don’t look after your bladder properly now, so it’s important. These are some of the best ways that you can improve your bladder health. 

Drink Plenty Of Fluids

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One of the best ways to improve your bladder health and avoid infections is to drink plenty of water. It will help you to flush your bladder out so bacteria doesn’t take hold and cause infections. Drinking more water will also cause you to go to the toilet more often, so your bladder is more active. Staying hydrated is important for your overall health anyway, so if you don’t drink enough water, you need to make an effort to increase your intake

Drink Cranberry Juice

drink cranberry juice

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Cystitis is a common bladder infection and even though it affects women more often than men, it’s important for everybody to take steps to combat it. Drinking enough water is important, but you should also try drinking cranberry juice or eating cranberries because they have been shown to reduce your chances of developing infections. You can even get high strength cranberry capsules which you can take instead, so you can make sure that you are getting enough into your diet. If you regularly have issues with cystitis, this could really help you to prevent it. 

Cut Back On Alcohol And Caffeine

bladder health

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Alcohol and caffeine are both bad for your bladder health, so you should consider cutting back. They can cause irritation to your bladder which will make you need the toilet more often, and can also increase your risk of developing infections like cystitis. That doesn’t mean that you can’t drink alcohol and caffeine at all, but you should consider cutting back a bit if you can. One or two cups of coffee or the occasional alcoholic drink won’t hurt, but if you are drinking coffee all day long or consuming alcohol most days, it could be having a big impact on your bladder. 

Quit Smoking

say no to cigarette

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You already know that smoking is bad for you, but if you are a smoker and you’re looking for yet another reason to quit, do it for your bladder. If you have an overactive bladder and you have problems with incontinence, that could be down to smoking. If you can give up now, that damage will be reversed and your bladder should return to normal, so it’s never too late. If you are finding it hard, consider switching to an e-cigarette first and then quitting. It’s still not great for you, but it’s better than smoking normal cigarettes. 

These are all simple changes that you can make to improve your bladder health and avoid any long term problems as you get older.

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  2. We actually never thought about bladder health. Even if someone is drinking loads of water or cutting down caffeine, bladder is not what he/she is thinking about. Very important and informative post ?

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