Lingerie 101: What Are Your Options?

A hot piece of lingerie is like a special benefits card in a game. It shows off the just the right amount of skin and keeps the rest, a secret; a mystery that changes the game for the good. Apart from being an absolute pleasure to the eye, a comfortable piece of lingerie can even boost your confidence and help you be more comfortable in your skin.

The lingerie industry has come a long way and as a result, there are several options available to women. However, since the air is still foggy around the available options and their variants, women mostly find themselves lost in the wild when it comes to buying a perfect lingerie.

Right now, we are going to look at all the options, right from the popular babydolls to the steamier role-play costumes and everything in between.


A corset hold your body together and enhances the curves. It can be tightened or loosened as per your liking and need. A corset is practically a wrap that covers the middle part of the torso (think belly but just above the hips). The corsets usually do not have straps and they are aimed at giving your body the perfect feminine shape.


A chemise is a free-flowing piece of clothing that focuses on the hips and the legs. It is usually skinny and covers the bottom of the woman’s body quite nicely. Most women prefer chemise because these make them feel comfortable and confident.


Babydolls are considered to be the safest form of lingerie. They, like a chemise, are free-flowing and take the shape of your body. These pieces are made to enhance your natural beauty and loved by couples for obvious reasons. If you are a first timer and do not know where to go to a lingerie store, check out more collection of the babydolls and feel comfortable with them.


Stockings do magical things to a woman’s legs. They cover the legs and make them appear well toned and muscular. Stockings are usually paired up with other pieces of lingerie to complete the look. There are several varieties of stockings available in the markets and choosing just one can be a tough decision.


Teddies are meant for women who are comfortable with their bodies. These suits are typically nothing but swimsuits that have been made naughty. They are usually sheer and mostly suit curvy women. If you are a first-timer, you should probably stick to simpler versions of a swimsuit.


A bustier is like a corset but just more pronounced with its work. It stays above the hips and pushes the bust line a notch above to make things better.

Role-Play Costumes

These are specially designed costumes aimed at one thing – enabling the fantasy world. Pick from a wide variety of costumes ranging from a french maid to wonder woman and let the dice and other things roll.


Well, pick any of the lingerie from the above list and make it out of candies. A perfect dessert some would say.

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