5 Types Of Men’s Slipper That Are Currently In Trend

Whether you’re wearing clothes or footwear, comfort is the key to look dapper. If you’re a man who prefers comfort over everything else, you need just the right pair of men slippers. When speaking of slippers, a picture of open-toe footwear must have come to your mind. But did you know that slippers these days have grown more than just a comfortable pair of footwear?

Just like everything else in the world, men slippers too have undergone enormous changes and the final product is an amalgamation of style and comfort. If you’re the laid back kind of a guy who wouldn’t part with his comfort irrespective of whatever, slippers must surely be the kind of footwear closest to your heart. 

men slippers

If you’re the kind of a guy who loves sliding into a pair of comfortable slippers to run errands, go out for a stroll, a coffee run or even a date, without worrying about whether you’ve pulled off the right look, we hail you for your confidence. 

If you love wearing men slippers so much, have you ever checked if you’ve got a sufficient number of pairs? You can’t be wearing the same thong slippers to every occasion. There are slippers for home, slippers for a casual outing and even slippers to blend in with your ethnic attire. If you haven’t got them all, it’s time to go shopping for the perfect pair for your different attire. So let’s look at the different men slippers that you will be needing. 

Yoga flip flops

For those who are all about comfort, these slippers are the best because they have an anti-skid outsole and a foam-like support with a wavy design in the insole. The super soft footbed is made from superfoam yoga mat, which makes these footwear perfect for your brunch or sundown parties.

Flip flops

Have you not found the right footwear to be paired with your shorts and shirt for a quick coffee outing? At such occasions, flip flops make the best pair which are not only comfortable but also super stylish. To complete your look, settle for neutral colours such as navy, black, brown and tan.

Synthetic foam slippers

If you are looking forward to adding an ethnic twist to your regular slippers, because you have a traditional event to attend, you need these synthetic foam slippers, which will give you a suave look. Wear them with a breezy kurta and pyjama and look dashing.

Thong slippers

Let’s just say that this weekend you simply want to unwind, maybe hit the beach or just chill out with your friends on a long drive. You can pair these thong slippers with your comfortable hoodie and joggers and just slide into the weekend looking all smooth.


Nothing can beat the ease and the comfort that slides give, which makes them an ideal holiday pair. If you are too lazy to tie the straps or lace on your footwear, just slide your feet into these sliders and slide through the weekend in style. 

These are the best men slippers that you can own to make a comfortable yet stylish appearance. 

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