Informal Dressing for Plus Size Women

We typically fit body types in two categories – regular or plus-size. However, body types are not an umbrella term. Styling for a curvy body with an hourglass figure will differ vastly from dressing a pear-shaped or apple-shaped woman in the plus-size department. Perhaps the trickiest is getting informal dressing for plus size women right. It’s very easy to choose something that makes you look bulky instead of accentuating your curves. We will take you through a step-by-step do’s and don’ts guide to embrace your body and kill it in the fashion game.

plus size women fashion

First, let’s take a look at the different body types to understand the right fit when it comes to dresses for women.


A naturally balanced frame with fuller bust and hips and a petite waist. Cinching in your waist and wearing wrap dresses for women that have a fitted silhouette will flaunt that sexy figure


Typically like an apple, this shape characterizes slimmer hips, legs, and shoulders in comparison to a fuller midsection. Bring attention to your slimmer features with short sheath dresses for women and slim-fit pants.


A slender upper body with fuller thighs. Don’t focus on your problem areas; instead, highlight the best ones. A-line dresses are one of the most flattering outfits for this body type.


Clothes like ruffled tops for women and cinching waists of outfits to make you look curvier is the best way to work around this body type.

Inverted Triangle

Broad shoulder with inward tapering torsos characterizes this type. Create balance to reduce the appearance of the V-shape by wearing fit-and-flare or A-line dresses for women.

The Do’s

Now that we have gone over all the body types for women, you already have a good sense of what works for you. Now it’s time for some life-changing hacks that will transform the way you dress and make you feel confident as you strut down the street with aplomb.

Invest in Good Shape-wear

The first step is paying attention to undergarments and shape-wear. Having good shape-wear is important for sculpting your body and smoothening over bumps.

Splurge on Lingerie

Feeling confident from within is imperative. Having a curvy body doesn’t mean you have to stick to boring undergarments. Say yes to lacy, satin lingerie, but always focus on great fit. The same goes for basic items like tank tops, plain tees, and leggings.

Know Your Fabrics, Prints, and Patterns

Invest in different textures that flatter your figure. Placing color-blocking patterns or fancy motifs to emphasize your assets can accentuate your best features. Thin, horizontal stripes can make you appear slimmer.

Own Thigh-High Boots

Wearing knee-high boots will help elongate your legs and make them look slimmer. Avoid ankle straps or bulky shoes as they can make you look stumpy.

The Don’ts

Don’t Stick to Monochromes

While wearing monochromes is a sure-fire way of appearing slimmer, your outfit can soon start looking drab and boring. Add a pop of color to break the pattern and stand out.

Don’t Stick to OTT Accessories

A popular rule was to wear chunky, over the top statement neckpieces to take attention away from trouble areas. But, they can often look distasteful. Look for dainty jewelry to match your attire and add feminine grace.

Don’t Use Leggings as Pants

They will cling to your frame and look incredibly unflattering. Instead, opt for skinny high-waist jeans for your curvy figure.

In the end, always remember to feel confident in your own skin and you will manage to pull off just about any trend, even if you don’t play by the rules.

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7 thoughts on “Informal Dressing for Plus Size Women”

  1. Thanks for such a detailed post ,being a plus size ,it sometimes become a problem to choose the latest fashion items as the clothes are restricted to size.

  2. Every woman has different shapes and every woman hence must wear dre6yhat suit her body shape. You have presented a great guide to all the women out there. Kudos.

  3. Aakanksha burde

    I have a houglass body so was confused about the proper styling the to this article of yours now i know how to style

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