5 Stylish Ways To Style Your Favourite Footwear

We usually just choose trendy footwear to pair with our everyday outfits but really try to explore unique ways to style them. If you are someone who loves to stand out from the crowd these are some of the easy ways to style your footwear. All you have to do is pay attention to details and style your footwear with different accessories. Once you start doing this there is no going back to basic and dull styling. 

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Solid Socks with Slipper

One of the most emerging trends that has been circulating in the fashion industry for a while is wearing socks with your slip on sandals or slippers. This styling was recently acknowledged by digital fashion trend setters like Diet Sabya having their followers try this super comfy look. This has now become a chic yet casual way to sum up any casual look you wear. 

Ankles on Ethnic Sandals

Another styling trend that you cannot miss on is the addition of fun anklets. These traditional jewellery have been reintroduced to the mass with the minimal and chunky anklets that have been gaining popularity in the market. They are known to be made with beads and stones while some are the traditional oxidized anklets. You can choose an anklet which goes with any type of ethnic footwear you like whether mojaris or the fusion sandals. They add a fun touch to your overall ethnic look.

Toe Rings with Kolhapuri Chappal

The Kolhapuri chappals have been the cult favourite for years now. They are distinguished by the toe ring strap and the best way to style them is by adding rings to feet. Toe rings and Kolhapuri chappals have been a traditional Maharashtrian essential for styling any ethnic look you go for. This fun and elegant way to style footwear will make your whole outfit look very aesthetic.

Charms for Crocs

The clogs that you get from crocs do not have any specific styling elements as their minimalistic look is what makes them a popular choice. But however for some who have the taste for funky style they have the added benefit of getting to style these basic footwear in a fun way with help of the jibbitz. These jibbitz are small cutely designed charms that you get to stick on your sandal and custom design them as per your style.

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Funky Ankle Length Socks with Shoes

Printed socks have noticeably been a growing trend in the fashion industry. With various fast fashion brands and start-ups trying to come up with better designs it has become easier to get this funky look. These socks come with prints of your favourite cartoons or super heros along with other fun designs that are loved by youngsters. You can easily wear them with all your sneakers and shoes and that pop of colour will lighten up your whole look. 

After learning these 5 cool ways to style your footwear you cannot go back to the daily mundane footwear looks. 

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