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Five Books That Explore the Beauty of Teacher-Student Relation

“Once you master the art of facing a room full of teenagers, and come out alive, you can do anything.” – CHASING PEGASUS (a play in ten chords) Teachers have played vital roles in shaping us into what we are, isn’t it? We all have at least one teacher who has left an impression that […]

Post Workout MISTAKES Better Avoided And How

We often tend to ruin a good workout, by committing known post workout mistakes like over-eating just after the exercise and that, results in guilt pangs throughout the day. Many of us often try to “undo” this damage already caused. How you may ask, if you did not already know. By eating less or starving […]

7 “Festival Of Colors” And Holi Is Not One Of Them

Don’t you just love Holi? The colours, the shararat, the masti, the food, the games, the music….even the thought of the past celebrations is enough to bring a smile on your lips. Ever wondered if there are other festivals which are just as colourful as our beloved Holi? We bring to you a list of […]