Post Workout MISTAKES Better Avoided And How

We often tend to ruin a good workout, by committing known post workout mistakes like over-eating just after the exercise and that, results in guilt pangs throughout the day. Many of us often try to “undo” this damage already caused. How you may ask, if you did not already know. By eating less or starving yourself for the next few hours; but that would result only into over-eating yet again. A vicious cycle, it is and shall continue unless you intervened.

Post Workout MISTAKES

If you are one such person, who has already been pulled into the above mentioned vicious cycle, we sincerely hope that this article helps you break out of it.

Enjoy your exercise

A recent study shows that people enjoying their workout eat less afterwards and score low on the scale of post workout mistakes. So do not hesitate to incorporate new forms of exercise or switch to a new routine as long as that helps you retain interest. But yes, before you start something completely new and challenging, do take the advice of your trainer and doctor.

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Pre-workout snack

Make it a habit to grab something light and healthy prior a workout. Apart from satiating thy hunger, it will also energize you and you will not have cravings after the workout.

Have faith in the power of carbs and proteins

Go for snacks that are high in carbohydrates and proteins; one small peanut butter sandwich, a bowl of raita, a banana, a couple of high fiber biscuits. These will help your body heal faster apart satisfying hunger and providing with energy.


Instead of having snacks, you may opt for a glass of low-fat milk (with or without chocolate/honey). Protein rich drink will help you feel fuller and keep you away from post workout mistakes.

Sports drink

Another way to beat the craving is by replenishing while at the go. Sipping sports drink helps as it contains carbs which supposedly digest quickly. But for those who are trying to lose weight, it is better to give this sports drink a miss.

Keep sipping water throughout the session

Drinking water while working out actually lessens cravings for food. You may drink about 500 ml – 1 litre of  water if you are working for say around 45mins to 1 hour.

Getting rid of the HABIT

Often hunger happens to be a habit; mind may crave food since it knows the body has shed some sweat. So try beating this habit consciously by not (over)eating after a workout. This is one of the biggest post workout mistakes that people commit.

Schedule your workout close to a meal time

Don’t we often feel that we could really do with a bowl of pasta or a slice of pizza after an exercise session? But we can avoid this by re-scheduling the workout time close to a meal time. Plan in such a way, so that there is a break of about 10-15 minutes after the workout, when you may take a rest before proceeding to have your meal. Thus, you will not intake extra calories in the pretext of special post-workout snacks.

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