How To Reduce Menstrual Pain Naturally?

Some of ‘us’ face a very hard time during the menstrual cycle, and mostly that pain is just unbearable. I know at the end, we girls rely on painkillers only because other things are bigger than the menstrual pain. But if you are one of those who does not wish to take a painkiller during your period pain, then, here are some effective natural ways to get relief from the pain.

Use Heat

If you are comfortable using heat pads or hot water bottles on your belly, then this is the best way to calm your contracting muscles. A soothing steam bath or sauna bath is also a great way to relieve yourself from the severe menstrual pain.

Drink Normal or Green Tea

“Drink at least one cup of tea”, says Dr. Rima Chatterjee of Pearl Clinic, Kolkata. She adds that the heat from the tea will help relax your contracting muscles. You can also try herbal teas such as lavender tea, ginger tea, cardamom tea, peppermint tea, These teas will not only reduce your pain but also helps in reducing your stress caused by the period pain. Plus, it will make you feel refreshed.

Regular Exercise

Don’t go for an intense workout; just a little walking or jogging will do the job. Fresh air really works in the period days. You can also try some light exercises such as stretching, low-intensity cardio etc. The key here is to take is easy.

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Drink plenty of water

Don’t forget to drink water before and during your periods. Keep yourself well-hydrated to avoid menstrual pain. You can also drink ‘flavored water’ like mixing lemon juice in normal water; or take two glass of water in a container and add your favorite fruits in that container and pour that containers water in your water bottle. This way you won’t be bored of normal, usual water.

Avoid Alcohol and Salty Snacks

I know the kind of craving for these sweet little treats, salty snacks and other such things, but this is the last thing you want in your stomach. Salty snacks and alcohol lead to high amount of water retention in the body which eventually causes a lot of trouble.

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