How To Freshen Up Your Face In Just Three Simple Steps?

Being a girl is sometimes very painful. We have to take care of each and every part of our body. We should have a glowing face, clean nails, shiny feet, and the list is endless. I know your Mother must have told you to follow umpteen number of homemade tricks to look perfect, but only a few of us care about those messy home-made tips and tricks. Don’t worry, I have some magical beauty products that will take care of your face in your daily chores and can be easily carried in your handbag. So, let’s have a look at these three beauty products that will not only help you freshen up your face but will also make it glow.

You need to use these products in the same sequence as written.


Due to daily exposure to dust and UV rays, your skin becomes dark and dull. A perfect Cleanser cleans and refreshes your skin. Moreover, it helps in removing all the dust particles from your skin. Defining it properly, it is the best product to remove any kind of makeup. Although you can opt for any cleanser of your favorite brand, I personally prefer Ozone Classic  Cleanser (Recommended for All Skin Types), because ozone skin care products are created from organic and natural sources that are free from heavy metals.

Application: Just wash your face with normal tap water and apply the cleanser all over your face and neck. Gently massage your face with your fingertips in a clockwise direction. Remember only in clockwise direction.


You must be wondering why you would need a toner? Toner basically soothes your skin and gives your skin a fresher, smoother, and hydrated feel. Apply just a few wipes of cotton on your face and feel the freshness. I use Ozone Classic Rose Toner as it is derived from Rosa damascena and Aloe barbadensis. The best thing about this ozone toner is that it comes in a spray bottle. So, I just have to sprinkle it on my face from all four directions.

Application: After applying the cleanser, moisten a cotton ball with your toner and dab all over the face. This will also remove the traces of makeup left even after cleansing the face.


The hydrant is basically for moisturizing your skin and improving complexion. It is optional to use. You may even use your normal daily face cream instead of using the hydrant.

But let me tell one wow thing about the hydrant. If you have dark circles, then, a regular use of hydrant can actually help in removing your dark circles. I prefer using Ozone Complexion Brightening Hydrant. Its natural ingredients composition promote a flawless and glowing skin.

Application: Apply it all over your face and neck after the application of toner on your face.  Gently massage your face with your fingertips in a clockwise direction. Remember every process should be done in a clockwise direction until it is absorbed.

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