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It’s almost impossible to go through life with zero health problems. The thing is, a lot of the big issues in life can be treated and cured – or at least managed – when they’re caught early. As a result, it’s vital that you spot any early symptoms that could be warning signs of significant problems.

Obviously, different health conditions have different symptoms. But, here are a few that you really need to be wary of as they almost always indicate an issue is present.

Weight Nutrition Scale Weight Loss

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Rapid Weight Loss

Usually, losing weight is seen as a good thing. But, it’s not good if you can’t really explain the reasons for it. If you’ve not been working out or aiming to lose weight – and your diet hasn’t changed – then it most likely indicates a health problem. It could be any number of issues, but cancer, bowel diseases, and hyperthyroidism are your best bets. The good news is, all these things can be managed or cured if caught very early on. So, it’s worth tracking your weight and assessing things every month or couple of weeks. All this does is ensure you’re not rapidly losing weight with no explanation for it. If the scales show you’ve dropped loads of pounds very quickly, then see your doctor right away.

Balance Problems

If you constantly feel dizzy and have issues with your balance, then this is a sign something is wrong. It could be vertigo, which is an inner ear condition, but it could also be something more serious like multiple sclerosis. MS is a disease that can take over your life and make it hard for you to function as a regular human being. So, diagnosing it early on is the key to reducing the symptoms and slowing its progress. If you look at the Shift MS Forum, you’ll see people posting a list of their symptoms that led to an MS diagnosis. More often than not, balance problems are an early indicator – especially when coupled with vision issues, fatigue, muscle spasms, and nerve issues. If you ever have problems with your balance, it’s worth seeing a doctor right away.

New Lumps Or Growths

One of the benefits of showering daily is that you have a chance to feel your body all over. This is essential as it helps you figure out if new things have suddenly grown. If you spot any lumps or growths that weren’t there before, then this could be an early sign of cancer. Particularly when felt around the breasts, neck, or genitals. They could very much be cysts or just benign lumps, but it’s not worth taking the risk and ignoring them. So, if you notice any new lumps on your body, see a doctor to get them checked out and tested.

The reason I chose these three symptoms is that they tend to narrow things down to just a few health problems. Plus, they’re not common symptoms that you’re not likely to see all the time. Something like fatigue can be attributed to loads of things and loads of people every day, so it’s hard to know whether it’s a warning sign. But, if you experience any of the three symptoms for longer than a week, then you should see a doctor just to make sure everything is okay. If it’s not, then you’ve caught on early, so you should be able to treat your problem.

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  1. these are some of the very important symptoms we all have to keep in mind, this article is an eye opener

  2. Was a damn insightful blog, must say, loved reading the same, thank you for sharing this amazing bit. Even the smallest symptoms should never be ignored, #Agreed.

  3. Very well written and explained one should never ignore the smallest symptoms and consult doctor at the earliest.


  4. Well, so true! We must never ignore any of these symptoms. Anyday we see any of these symptoms shall immidietely visit the doctor..! I feel none of this should be ignored !

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