Is It Time To Start Eating More Alkalizing Foods?

alkaline diet

If you have been suffering from ill-health, stomach problems, IBS, and other digestive problems, then you may be looking into eating foods that will help to alkalize your body. The main idea behind following an alkaline diet is that some foods can lead to some byproducts in your body that are acidic, once your food has been digested. In order to reduce these symptoms, and the impact that these acidic byproducts can have on your body, there are some things that you can do about it.

If you are someone who experiences acid reflux, then you will probably be aware of the vast range of acid reflux medicine that is out there to help you. But what you eat does play a part. So to help to avoid acid reflux, or to reduce the scale of it, looking to reduce the acidic foods that you eat, and eating more alkaline foods, can make a difference. Eating more alkaline foods can also help your cardiovascular health, bone health, and memory. So here is your quick guide to eating an alkaline diet.

alkalizing food


Nuts and Seeds

Some of the best nuts and seeds out there that help to alkalize your body are chia seeds, sesame seeds, chestnuts, and almonds. A lot of other nuts and seeds out there can be more acidic or acid-forming. So if you’re looking to improve things, then these are the best options to go for. However, if you are set on eating something like hazelnuts or cashews, they are best to be soaked before eating, like this, and helping them to spout to alkalize them.


All of the vegetables that you eat are going to be alkalizing. So one sure-fire way to alkalize your body is to eat more vegetables or more of a plant-based diet. If you eat more veggies, then you will be well on your way. Eating raw veggies can be one of the best ways to eat them, as they are going to be more alkaline, the least processed that they are. Steamed is another good option, but frying, for instance, can make it much more of an unhealthy choice (in terms of alkaline diet anyway). Herbal teas can be another way to get in some of your veggies, as well as drinking fresh-pressed juice.

Grains and Beans

There are some grains, like quinoa, millet, and amaranth, that is naturally the best choice for being alkalizing. Fresh beans, like peas, lima beans, and chickpeas are also good choices for alkalizing foods. Tofu and other new soy products like tempeh are also good options and can be useful for vegans or plant-based eaters. A lot of different grains and beans can be quite acidic. Grains in bread, pasta, and cereal, basically where the grains are processed, can become more acidic. Like with nuts and seeds mentioned above, grains and beans are best to be soaked before eating, if you’re looking for them to be as alkalized as possible.

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