4 Things That Are Keeping You Away From Rock Solid Abs

Ok, so you have been hitting the gym and doing all the right things but still not making enough abs. What could be going wrong? Well, there are several things that can go wrong and right now we are going to look at 5 mistakes that newbies make when they thing abs.

Not Getting Enough Protein

Let’s face it: getting high quality and adequate amount of protein is next to impossible unless you stress on it. Your body needs to break and create muscles when you lift weights and exercise and guess what do you need to support your body with this function? PROTEINS!

Begin With The Right Exercise

Next, you aren’t doing the right exercises. Of course, you need to work on your belly and torso but building abs is more than just stressing the tummy. You need to start with the right warm up and then pick up the pace towards the right exercise. Here is a video by one of my favorite home workout channel on Youtube – Roberta’s Gym.

Healthy Fats is NOT a Myth and You Need Them!

You need the energy to move your body, life weights and support other bodily functions. Invest in raw nuts, nut butter, olive oil, and fish oil. A lot of people are afraid to introduce even the tiniest bit of fat in their diet. However, this does not work for everyone and most people end up feeling stressed rather than relaxed after a heavy workout.

You Need More Than Crunches

Crunches help you in losing weight but there are several other exercises that are more useful and effective in breaking down the fat. Pull-ups, Barbell Squats, Dumbbell Lunges, Pushups, Barbell Bench Press and Seated Barbell Military Press are a few exercises that you should mix in your workout routine.

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