4 Ways To Make Money Without Working In An Office

Millions of people set out each morning to work in offices throughout the country. Indeed it seems to be the standard these days. However, if your career dreams don’t include being stuck behind a desk for the rest of your days, you may want to check out the alternative options below.


The first option for office- haters to consider is life out on the open road. Yes, that’s right, driving is a great way to make good money, and there are plenty of options to consider as well.

The first of these is to become a professional lorry driver. Of course, not everyone has the funds or the time to do this. Although some additional options can be just as profitable.

One of these is to drive for a shipping company on a freelance basis, something you can learn more about by clicking the link. The great thing about this option is that with some providers you can access customers that need such services without having to pay subscription fees or even sign up. Therefore, ensuring you can get work without it eating into your profits.


Getting involved in property can be another way to make good money in a varied and interesting way. Indeed, if you deal with the maintenance side of things as well as the administration you can spend just as much time on site as you do in the office.

Of course, to get started in property, you will need some initial capital to invest. Although once you have your first property you can renovate it, then sell it for a profit and continue to diversify your portfolio. Then you can purchase homes that can be leased to tenants and set up a business that will be more profitable over the long term.

House and Pet Sitting

Another wonderful way of generating some cash without the boredom of getting stuck in an office is to work as a home or pet sitter. Many clients want both of these services at the same time. That means you are there to take care of their house while they are away, and you take on responsibilities for walking, feeding, and spending time with their pets.

You can offer your services privately for home sitting, but most people have more success by signing up with an agency. This is because they perform background checks, something that inspires a higher level of confidence in home and pet owners and so can help you secure more work.

Cooking for Others

Everyone needs to eat, but many people struggle to find the time and the energy to cook healthy meals themselves. Of course, this is great news for anyone looking for a non-office-based job as cooking in a kitchen is active, interesting, and varied.

One option here is to go through the proper training and become a chef. However, many people are also finding success by working from home, operating their own meal box, ready meal, or take out business right now. Especially if they cater to special diets such as vegetarian, vegan, or keto.

Purnima is the brain behind #ootdiva and loves to brag about it. She is a personal stylist, a trained make-up artist and a professional content writer. You can follow her on Instagram at @PurnimaMadaan
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