Working from Home? 9 Ways You Can Be Productive AF

The flexibility that comes along with working from home is unmatchable. You can not only focus on work, but take care of children, help with the errands, and spend the day in pajamas! However, working from home becomes a challenge if you are unable to focus and get work done. This is where we come in. We have found 9 ways that going to make you productive while enjoying the comforts of your home.

1. Don’t work from bed

This is going to be hard, but unless you move to a desk and a chair, you are not going to get as productive as you can.

We use a minimal table and chair combo that we bought from Amazon.

2. Don’t be in the room where kids are playing or watching cartoons.

These things are definitely going to distract you.

3. Divide the day into sessions, and set timers to remind you about them.

We usually divide our workday into 3 sessions of 2 hours each. During these sessions, nobody is allowed to disturb the person who is working, not even for food.

Also, we use Google Home to remind us of the timers.

4. Take a break after every session.

The idle length is 30 minutes. However, you may want to increase or decrease that tie depending upon how much work you have and how soon you need to deliver.

Avoid using a mobile phone during the designated break time.

Don’t forget to drink water during this break. I use Stainless Steel Water Bottle to stay hydrated.

vaya water bottle

5. The place should be well-lit.

If it’s dark, you will feel sleepy. The first thing you need to do is to allow as much natural light as possible in the room. Next, if it’s still not well-lit, use bright lights in the room.

But, don’t turn the room into a bright horror story.

6. Put things that inspire and motivate you on the table.

There is a reason people like to keep flowers, plants, and photos of their loved ones on their work desk at the office. Your home is now your office, and it needs the same decor.

These pieces will make you feel calmer and more confident. We use exotic looking crystals on our tables. You can find them on Amazon.

7. Do not isolate yourself from the world.

Call your friends, family or colleagues as you do at the office. You are a social animal. You need to be in contact with the people. The challenge here will be finding the right balance.

8. DON’T think of it as a holiday.

Because it’s not. Working from home a liberty that needs to be utilized judicially.

9. Don’t overwork yourself. Log-off as soon as the work is done.

Overworking creates fatigue, and it hampers productivity the next day.

Covid-19 has presented the businesses with new challenges, and the concept of Work From Home has been able to solve a few of them. However, even WFH comes with its own set of challenges. In such trying times, it is important to take care of oneself. Keeping drinking water in insulated water bottles when you work, creating a well-lit workspace, and getting good quality sleep is just a handful of ways that will keep you efficient and healthy.

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