5 Best Water Softeners In India That Are Safe, Effective And Durable

A water softener is a device that reduces the concentration of minerals in the water. The most common minerals removed are calcium and magnesium, but some units also remove other minerals such as iron and manganese. The main reason for installing the absolutely best water softener is to prevent the buildup of scale on pipes, boilers, heating systems, and other household appliances. Hard water contains high levels of calcium and magnesium which can cause the buildup of scale over time. In this article, we are going to discuss what, why and how to invest in the best water softeners in India!

Causes of Hard Water

Best Water Softeners In India

1. Polluted water: when rivers and streams are polluted, the sediment, chemicals, and debris that make up the water can cause hard water.

2. Excessive use of salt: when salt is added to water, it lowers the water’s pH level, making it harder.

3. Deforestation and soil erosion: when trees are removed from the landscape or agricultural soils are degraded, they can release pollutants into waterways, including hardness minerals.

4. Industrial and municipal sources: factories, power plants, sewage plants, and other large industrial or municipal facilities can release pollutants into waterways, including hardness minerals.

5. Climate change: as the Earth’s temperature changes, some areas may experience more extreme weather conditions that can cause water to become harder than usual

6. Filtration issues: If your home has outdated or inadequate filters, hard water can seep through and accumulate on surfaces.

7. Geography: depending on where you live, your municipal water supply may be hard or soft.

Best Water Softeners in India

If you are looking for a safe, effective, and durable water softener in India, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 best water softeners in India that are safe, effective, and durable.

RIVERSOFT SF-15 PRO abs shower and tap filter (My Favorite)

Riversoft ater Softener

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RiverSoft has a proprietary technology that will help you solve the problem by purifying your water and protecting your skin and hair with an SF-15 PRO shower filter. The filter contains 15 stages of high purity KDF, Calcium Sulphite, Active Carbon, and Vitamin C, which neutralize harmful chlorine. It also removes harmful organic matter and dilutes hard salts while having an anti-bacterial effect.

Finally, mineral stones and alkaline ball work together to recharge the water with minerals for smooth skin texture as well as set the pH just right to help protect your hair from becoming dry or brittle

The filter has a universal ½ inch inlet and outlet which makes it easy to install yourself – just attach it to your shower’s existing pipe with the included connector. If you need help attaching it, contact RiverSoft customer care for assistance.

The filter housing comes with a cartridge that will last for 40,000 liters of water. If your water has higher impurity levels, then the cartridge would need replacement more often.

In my opinion, this tops the list of the best water softeners in India.

WaterScience CLEO Shower & Tap Filter for Hard Water Softening

WaterScience CLEO Softener

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The WaterScience CLEO shower & tap filter cleans and conditions hard water, reducing hair fall. It protects the skin from harsh water by making it less corrosive. The CLEO shower & tap filter is compatible with standard taps, showers, and hand showers, making it easy to install. The filter works on both heaters and geysers for up to 60 degrees Celsius

WaterScience water filters only reduce the effects of hardness and other impurities. TDS or total dissolved solids cannot be removed by these water filters. Therefore, you will still need a softener shower tap if you have municipal or borewell water with a higher TDS.

This shower and tap filter with a replaceable cartridge comes with an installation kit and a warranty card. The filter is made of food-grade materials and is NSF certified.

PURIFIT 15 Stage Shower Head Filter

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The Purifit Shower Head Filter is meant to cleanse you in a way that is safe and healthy (like the best water softeners in India should), without the harmful effects of chlorine and hard water salts. It has a 15-stage filtration system that leaves behind clean and pure water for you to bathe in. The filter is easy to fit and fix, with an installation kit included as well as an installation video link.

Hair loss due to hard water can be prevented with this filter that reduces the effect of hardness on skin and hair. The product is tested using Indian water, which has a higher concentration of hardness than regular water.

The filter is made of high-quality plastic and has a chrome finish. The cartridge life is estimated to be around six months. The package also includes a filter housing, 1 filter cartridge, 1 Teflon tape, and 1 user manual.

KENT Bathroom Water Softener

KENT Bathroom Water Softener 5.5-Litre

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The Soft Water system regenerates hard water into soft water, preventing hair loss, sticky hair after washing, dry and itchy skin after bathing, and making your skin glow. The system also prevents scaling and corrosion on your bathroom fittings and appliances, produces more lather, reduces soap consumption, is easy to 2-step regeneration process without any technician or special salts required, does not require electric connections or pressurized water for operation – making it ideal for use in homes with older plumbing systems.

The water softener is easy to install and operate, with a compact design that lets you place it in small spaces. The warranty is 1 year and the terms & conditions apply. It includes a water softener, 2.5-meter plastic white pipe (1/4 inch for drain), 2 3-way valves, 4 screws, plastic inserts, inlet pipe (1/2 inch), and outlet pipe (1/2 inch), center drill sticker, and user guide.

D’Cal – Hard Water Softener

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D’Cal’s best water softener in India for complete home use. It turns hard water into soft water without the need for expensive treatment plants. This hard water softener reduces damaging hardness mineral levels and makes soft water by making inert Calcium, Magnesium, and Iron.

The hard water softener is easy to install. Simply drop it into your overhead water tank and it will remove the sticky properties of the calcium and magnesium ions, which are responsible for making the water hard. It doesn’t waste any water and doesn’t require any maintenance or electricity.

The whole house water softener is made of high-quality food-grade materials that are tasteless, odorless, and colorless. Because of the high-quality materials used, The heavy-duty hard water softener lasts for a long time—10 to 12 months depending on water usage.

Hard water can cause hair-fall, dry skin, damage to your bathroom fittings, white rings, and limescale deposits in the bathroom. Appliances using bore water like geysers, Washing machines deteriorate because of internal damage and corrosion; all of this can be eliminated by using a D’Cal hard water conditioner.

How Does Hard Water Affect You?

Hard water can harm your hair and skin

Water is an essential part of life. It can be used for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. However, we don’t always think about the quality of water that we use to wash our hair and skin.

The water that most people use for washing is called hard water. Hard water has a high level of calcium and magnesium in it which can lead to dry skin and brittle hair. The minerals in hard water are usually left behind on your skin as well as your hair which can cause dryness, irritation, redness, and itchiness.

Hard water can cause corrosion in metal surfaces, which can lead to structural failure.

Corrosion is a process that occurs when metals react with their environment. This can happen in a variety of ways, but the most common corrosion process is oxidation. Rusting and tarnishing are both types of oxidation. Rust and tarnish are caused by the reaction between oxygen in the air and iron or other metal, respectively.

The water we use at home can also cause corrosion on metal surfaces as it contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium which react with metals to form a type of acid called an “oxidizing agent”. The best water softeners in India specifically work on these substances to neutralize them and make them harmless.

It can also increase the risk of water damage in homes and businesses.

Hard water can cause a lot of damage in homes and businesses. The minerals in hard water can build up over time, causing corrosion on pipes and appliances. The buildup of minerals can also clog the drains in the home, which increases the risk of sewer backups. Hard water also causes scale to form on fixtures and appliances, which reduces efficiency and increases the need for maintenance.

Hard water can also lead to a higher water bill.

The hardness of the water can affect how much soap is needed to create a lather. The harder the water, the more soap it takes to create a lather.

The hardness of the water can also lead to a higher water bill. Hard water requires more energy to heat up, which means that your hot water heater might be running more often.

How Do I Know If I Have Hard Water at Home?

grey metal faucet in close up photography

There are a few ways to determine if you have hard water at home. One way is to use a water meter. You can also use a scale to measure the hardness of the water. You can also use a water tester to check for iron contamination.

What Are Some Signs of Hard Water?

Some signs of hard water can include:

-A build-up of calcium and magnesium (that looks like white powder or crystals) on pipes and fixtures

-A gritty sensation when brushing your teeth or washing your hair

-A decrease in the flow of water pressure in your home over time

-Excessive damage to hair and skin

These are a few of the best water softeners in India that are safe, effective, and durable. We hope this article was helpful.


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