6 Most Common Teenage Girl Problems

Teenage is not an easy phase for both teenagers and parents. It revolves around behavioural changes, heartbreaks, appearance issues, hormonal changes and this list of problems is never-ending. It is important for girls in this age to develop a sense of who she is and accept the true self. This phase of life involves fundamentally important transitional change and one should fully enjoy this period of life as well.

Below is the list of 6 most common issues girls face during teenage: 

Body image and self-acceptance

This is probably the most common issue one faces especially during their teenage as our body is constantly changing. It is even more difficult in the age where media has taken over life, be it social media, magazines or television where one is often reminded of figure-perfect bodies.
The idea of staying physically and mentally fit is something we should focus on, tarnishing away the mentality of having a model figure mentally.

Communication with parent

During the teenage, one often feels isolated or detached from the rest, even with our parents. However, girls should develop a habit of conversing with them regularly and especially about the issues you are facing. Parental guidance can help eliminating health issues or any mental/peer pressure you might be facing.

Social media addiction

Many teens are a fan of social media and are addicted to it. At this tender age, girls often get hooked on the internet which not only affects the health of an individual but also the thinking which gets trapped in the virtual reality world. Don’t get much fascinated by the fancy world and always be yourself.

Dating and Friendship

Girls often complicate their friendships and dating life at this age which is absolutely normal. But one needs to understand that these things are just a part of life and not life itself. Develop friendships and learn to move away from people that hinder your growth or people who do not value you enough.


It is a common practice amongst girls at this age to compare themselves to others in terms of appearances, clothes, social media followers. It unconsciously creates a burden on them. She might get extremely conscious about her body, looks, clothes, money, gadgets etc. Try to make a habit of not comparing yourself to anyone as you are your own kind of beautiful.

Emotional changes

Hormones not only affect your body physically but also brings out emotional changes. Mood swings are often expected to occur the most during this phase of one’s life. Even the feelings of superiority and inferiority may develop at this time. Girls tend to feel overly emotional, about anything makes them overexcited, happy or emotional. Indulge yourself in creative activities to help reduce mood swings. Do what makes you happy and satisfied, pursue any hobby and utilize your time doing something productive.

Try to connect with your parents in each and every phase of life. They will definitely help you out as they must have faced such things at their time already.

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