Should I Consider A Career In Medicine?

A medical career is a big decision for anyone to make. Working in the world of medicine, whether as a doctor, surgeon, nurse, or any other medical career, is a challenging but ultimately very rewarding career path. Before deciding to do this, you should do some thorough research. Here’s how to make the right decision for you.

Make A List Of Options

If you’re thinking about a career in medicine, there’s a lot of varied options. You might want to become a dentist, a doctor, a nurse, or a paramedic. If you have an interest in science, you might be happy in a career that includes research, such as diagnostics or developing treatment plans.

Make a list of all the options you can think of and see if any of them leap out at you, either as a definite no or as something that really appeals to you. When you have a shortlist, you can research these options in more detail.

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Think About Yourself

You need to consider the kind of person you are to make sure a career in medicine is right for you. Start by putting some thought into how you like to spend your time. What do you like doing? Spend some time thinking about what will bring you the most joy.

What are you good at? Are you a very organized person? Do you have excellent skills in time management and teamwork? Are you interested in health? You’ll need to be good at these things if you’re going to have a satisfying career in medicine.

What matters to you most? Do you need variety in your life? Do you like to have a responsibility at work? Is it essential for you to work with other people? Do you need a good work-life balance? You’ll need to know these things if you’re going to select the right career in medicine.

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Get in some research on what a typical day in the role you’re considering would be like. Does this sound like a day you would enjoy? Would you be happy in a role like this?

Research Your Options

When you have shortlisted a few different options, you can start more in-depth research. Look into what the entry requirements are for the jobs you’re interested in, and find out what training you will need. You can look into this on college websites like Regis College.

Go to a few events like career fairs and open days. You should always attend these events with some questions prepared to help you find out more and make an informed decision. You could also ask the opinion of the people who know you best. Do they think that medicine would suit you?

Try and arrange some relevant work experience in the medical role you’re interested in. This can help you to understand better what potential future role would involve. Try to grab any opportunity you can to understand what might be asked of you in the role you think you might like.

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