Create The Dressing Room Of Dreams With These Tips

A room especially for getting dressed and pampering yourself? Yes, please! Most women dream of a beautiful space like this in their home, but actually, it’s more doable than you might have realized. If you have a spare bedroom that only gets used for guests a few times a year or worse is just stuffed with junk- how about transforming it into your girly paradise?  It will stop your own room getting cluttered with makeup and shoes, and on those occasions where you spray too much perfume, you won’t be risking a perfume headache at bedtime! Here are some of the ways you can utilize that spare bedroom and create the dressing room of dreams.

dressing room of dreams

Clear it Out

First things first you will want to clear everything out, give yourself a good idea of what space you’re working with. Once you’ve removed, the bulk of the items take down any dusty old blinds or curtains, light fittings, pictures on the walls or anything else. Give everywhere an intense clean- layers of old dust aren’t a good foundation for your gorgeous new dressing room!


Redecorating will give the room a new lease of life. Smooth, plain white walls look ultra glamorous and also make the most of the light in the room. White wooden flooring is also a beautiful touch, plus it’s easy to clean if you spill a bottle of nail polish or palette of makeup. This stunning, serene white room is the ideal base to get started. Very Pinterest- worthy and something you’d see in a home magazine!


The main items of furniture you will need are wardrobes and a dressing table. To create that fabulous ‘walk-in wardrobe’ look, how about going for fitted units along one or two of the walls. Choose a dressing table which gives you enough space for your daily essentials, if you can’t find exactly what you’re after go with something simple and customize it. For example, you could switch out the mirror to a large, wall mounted mirror with Hollywood style lights all around it. You could commission some consignment furniture- perhaps a unique looking stool or chair to finish the look. You might also need additional storage for makeup and beauty products. A tall and slim set of drawers will give you plenty of storage without taking up much floor space.


With such a calming neutral room, you can have fun with one or two of the features, and statement lighting is definitely something to consider. You could go with a glamorous chandelier or something modern and edgy. You could have LED strip lights or fairy lights running along with cupboards. You might also need to invest in a good light up makeup mirror too, ideal for getting your makeup just right when there’s not a lot of natural light.

Decorative Items

Finally, the key is to add just enough decorative pieces to make the room look personal and homely without being cluttered. With all of your shoes and perfumes on display and clothes hanging in the cupb#oards, there’s already going to be a lot going on. You could put a vase of fresh or faux flowers on the dressing table or a set of drawers. You could add some prints to the wall, or a couple of smaller trinkets on a tray. A fluffy white sheepskin rug and cushion would look great on the dressing table chair.

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  1. Dressing rooms are one of the most important things in a house especially for working women or for like even bloggers like us ! coz a clean wardrobe means that you can actually wear more clothes !

  2. Spring cleaning is important but to do it in an efficient way is crusicla so that you don’t burn out yourself. Thanks for great tips.

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