How to Choose the Best Wig Style? – Quick Guide

All of us have different faces and features. But on a bigger level, all the faces irrespective of the region and ethnicity can be mapped to seven basic face shapes. These shapes play a vital role in helping you understand what kind of hairstyle, or wig style would look good on you. These seven basic shapes are used around the world to give people advice on what to select and what to avoid to look beautiful.

Wig Style

The easiest way to understand the kind of face you have is by holding your hair back and observing the shape and size of your forehead, cheekbones, jaw and nose. Start by studying these 4 things, which part is the widest, is your chin pointed, is your noise pointed, do you have fuller cheeks and so on. Answers to these questions would give you an idea on the shape of your face. Once you know your shape, you can go ahead and select the best style wig for yourself.

Here are 7 basic shapes, how to spot your and which wig style looks good on which face type.



An oblong face features long and narrow bone structure. A person with oblong face usually has a long and thin neck. To make your structure look fuller and better, go for a wig style that adds volume. A wig with soft (not very soft though) curls and waves would put everything in the right place on your face. You could also try having half bangs across the forehead. That being said, you should always avoid hair styles with short layers as it can add volume to the crown area and make you look a little less sassy.



A heart shaped face is one with wide forehead and a pointed chin. This shape can do away with most of the hairstyles that have fullness around the earlobes and the jaw. You can also limit the width of your forehead by pulling (or pushing) some hair around the forehead. Wigs with subtle layers or the ones mimicking the pageboy cut work best with these face shape.


Wig Style

This face shape has a narrow forehead and a narrow chin area with wider cheekbones. As a result, people with a diamond face shape are advised to choose a wig style that can increase the volume on the forehead and the chin while keeping the volume at the cheekbones as less as possible. A Bob hairstyle is a popular choice made by people with a diamond shape face. If you have wider cheekbones and narrow chin and forehead, you might want to go ahead and try a cute bob cut. The basic idea is to keep a balance of height and volume. A higher volume on the top will make the look less flattering.


A small and narrow forehead and a pouch feeling jawline are the characteristics of a pear-shaped face. While this shape is rather uncommon, there are many hairstyles that can look good with the pear face shape. If you have a pear face, you just have to make sure that you do not add volume around the jaw line. All the hair and volume must be focused around the eyes and the crown area of the face. Layered wig styles that do not concentrate on middle of the face are the styles that you would want to invest in.



An oval face is longer vertically and narrower horizontally. However, the difference lies in the fact that an oval face does not have a prominent wider area. All the features are in proportions and thus one of the favorite shape of the hairstylists around the world. Most of the hairstyles look perfect with this face shape. People with an oval face has the maximum number of options than anyone else. Moreover, this face shape does not have to worry about the length of the hair either. Truly, a face that can experiment.


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If you have a wide forehead and an equally wider jawline, your face possibly looks like a square and hence the name of the face shape. This face shape is advised to use hairstyles that can make the face lengthier and fuller. The idea is to use the forehead to add the height and then minimize the visibility of the jaw line to give it an elongated feel. As a result, people with square face shape are recommended hair with wavy style and long length. A medium length might work out perfectly as well but if you wish to add hotness to the overall look, longer hair is totally what you need. In any case, do not put all your hair on side of the face.


Wig Style

A round face has a narrow chin and forehead that gradually get wider just under the jawline creating an illusion of a circle. The round face shape normally makes the neck look smaller and hence it is important to select a hairstyle that adds length to the face. Select a linear hairstyle that has a volume on the top. You can also try geometric hairstyles that will minimize the circle-ish feel of the face and give you a more beautiful look. Since this face shape already has a volume around the jaw bones, hairstyles that add volume around the jawline must be avoided.

So, The Best Wig Style?

The face shapes definitely help in selecting the right kind of wig style. However, there are more factors that contribute to the selection of a perfect hairstyle for yourself. Factors like age and preference of hair color are two major things that you should keep in mind when selecting a wig style.

A good approach to selecting a good hairstyle starts by figuring out the shape of the face and then making sure you do not add volume to the regions of the face that have enough volume already. You need to make your face look longer and thinner at the same time. Thus, focus on finding a wig style that adds volume to the regions that need it the most.

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