How To Look Good Without Makeup?

The way we look brings us confidence and power, and we cannot lose that at any cost. A women’s charm uplifts not only her beauty but also her personality, and that is something beautiful. Now, ladies, we all use ample amount of cosmetics on our face in our day to day lives, but the harmful effects of these products will start to show slowly. In today’s date, we are surrounded by such pollutants that are near to impossible to avoid and to make matter worse, and these cosmetics does more damage than protection for your skin. Therefore, you need to know how to look good without makeup.

how to look good without makeup

That’s why it is essential to look for alternatives that can not only enhance your natural beauty but also protects you from the external environmental hazard. So we brought you five natural tips to keep your good look intact and eradicate all germs and dirt from your face.

Use SPF moisturizer

This is the most important thing you must use while going out. An SPF moisturizer will not only preserve your water content below your skin but also keep the negative effects of UV rays from damaging you. It also helps in preventing developing carcinoma on the surface of your skin. Do make sure, to use pure quality SPF products because that is one answer to how to look good without makeup. Also, purchase the one according to your skin type for better results.

Vitamin C

This particular form of mineral has been the ancient medicine for women to stop or reduce the ageing process of their skin. It rebuilds your skin back to youthfulness and cleanses your face as the dilute uric acid in it will stick to your pores and take out all the dirt in one wash. It also gives a shiny look to the face. The present antioxidants works wonder for internal organs as well as your skin. So always drink a glass of water with lemon in it, in the morning with an empty stomach, the pure orange juice will also do wonder. You can also use an orange peel to scrub your face, and within a few days, you will see the difference, to see a shiny glow on your face.

Use Toner

Toner is one solution to how to look good without makeup. However, most of the toners in the market contain alcohol that will make your skin irritating, resulting in skin cracks and soreness. To prevent that, always prefer an “alcohol-free toner”, which is gentler, and it will heal your skin surface completely, plus tone your skin naturally. An alcohol-free toner can also benefit you as it balances the pH levels of your skin.

Exfoliation is a necessity

The process of exfoliation involves the removal of the old dead skin cells from your skin’s outermost surface and giving your face a fresh outlook. Exfoliation is a part of facial, so it completed by the help of microdermabrasion or chemical peels. There are both physical and chemical ways to undergo this process of cleansing, but we suggest, you should do twice a week for witnessing better results in lesser time.

Note: Always consult your dermatologist if any skin issue arises after facial or exfoliation.

Stop touching your skin

Stop touching, folding, rubbing and flapping your face skin. You might be doing more damage by putting the dirt of your hand on your skin and taking away the essential water, by squeezing and rubbing.

Do you Take good care of yourself? I would love to know “how” and “what” you use.

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6 thoughts on “How To Look Good Without Makeup?”

  1. I think your tips are just on the point. These things really make a difference to your skin and hence to your personality. I would suggest to whiten your teeth too because that adds a lot of charm. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am a non- make up person, and love to stay as free as I can. These tip that you have shared are indeed great…I am surely gonna implement them in my life!

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