How To Start With Self-Defense For Women? – A Short Guide

Self-defense for women is different than men. It is an important art for every woman to learn. Since most women lack big physical build and have relatively lesser strength than men, they are more vulnerable to attacks. Assailants believe women are an easy target because they are passive and won’t fight back. But you don’t have to become a victim just because you are a woman. Here are some tips which will help you in getting started with self-defense For women and dodging any threat or fighting back in worst case scenario.

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Prevention is better than cure

Self-Awareness is the key

This is the key to preventing any attack. This is because being aware of your surroundings will help you detect the early warning signs of the threat which you can readily avert. This is also the first step towards an effective self-defense for women.

Attackers have their eyes peeled on you, and they are waiting for the right moment. When you are alone busy texting on your phone or listening to songs on your iPod, you become an easy target for the predators. So, next time you go out, keep an eye on everything around you and dodge anything that appears suspicious.

Distance yourself while talking to strangers

While talking to someone who is unknown to you, always maintain a distance of 3-6 feet. If the stranger is a potential attacker, this gap provides enough time for you to dodge any quick actions he takes to grab you. Being within the attacker’s proximity makes you less powerful.

Don’t allow any stranger inside your home or vehicle

If you are alone in your car or home, do not permit any stranger to come inside. Talk through narrow openings which you can shut down immediately if you feel threatened. Remember, a women approaching you can be an attacker too. Always be conscious of your actions. Slowly, you will learn to master the art of self-defense for women.

Self-Defense for Women

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It may not be possible to avoid confrontation with you attacker always. You might get attacked but learning some basic self-defense moves can help you beat down the attacker and flee from the scene. So, don’t panic if you get into a fight, mentally prepare yourself and make a plan in your mind. Keep your stance sturdy so that you don’t appear a weak target.

Eye poking

This is the most basic self-defense trick and very useful too. It involved poking the attacker’s eye with your open fingers. Wallop him in the eyes so that he falls giving you time to run to your car or get away to safety.

Chin jab followed by an elbow strike to the jaw or chest

If the attacker is at proximity, hold his chin with your right hand and jab it backwards. At the same time hit your elbow on his chest or jaw. This will make him fall to the ground and give your time to flee from the place.

Throat Strike

The throat is one of the sensitive regions of the human body and thus a perfect target for hitting for self-defense for women. Strike the throat with an open hand and put high pressure. The force exerted on the trachea will restrict the breathing ability and make the attacker fall on the ground. Make sure you hit hard.  You now have an opportunity to get the hell out of there.

Biting hands or arms

This is a desperate measure. If you feel the attacker has grabbed you making you unable to fight back, bite hard on his hands or arm. The pain becomes unbearable, and he will be bound to set you free. When free, strike him in the chest or kick him in the groin and get the hell out of there.

Kicking continuously at proper place

Combine this with other moves to make the attacker unable to move. Groin, knee, and lower stomach are some parts where the kick is most effective.

Head-butt your attacker

If someone grabs you from behind, thrust your head backwards with force into their forehead or chest. This will loosen their grip and free you.

These are some few tips which could save your life. Learning martial arts or self-defense for women tactics is a better strategy to make you less vulnerable. So next time you are attacked make sure the attacker learns a lesson for life. Strike hard and run away.

Here is a short video if you wish to master self-defense for women.

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