A Lazy Girls Guide To Self Care

Not many people understand the perks that a girl enjoys when she is lazy. First, she gets to develop solutions that no one has ever thought of; and second, when she gets up, puts on the make up and her favorite black dress with red heels, the world stops and stares at her in an awe. This is the magic that being lazy brings with itself. BUT, being lazy is not as easy as it sounds. You have to find your comfort zone and be in its limit while still ensuring good health and wealth. I don’t know about wealth but when it comes to health I know exactly 3 things that you should start doing.

Let the bad memories fade

People will hurt you and that is never going to stop. You are going to expect stuff, men are going to break the promises, the boy toys will leave you for someone hotter and good friends will move away. Everything will happen. But you have to be strong and survive through it on a daily basis. Be positive, decide to be happy and never look back at things that make you sad.

Find what you love and live for it

Explore the world around you. Find things that make you happy. Sex, friends, food, love stories, travel – do what makes you happy. The peace is achieved only when you find the right ingredients that your heart and mind want. Try things you have never tried before in your life. Yoga? These herbal cigarettes? 50 Shades of Grey?

Diet matters a lot

Eat right, drink as much as you can and since we are lazy, I am not going to say exercise but try walking for half an hour after meals or maybe dance to your favorite number once a while and stuff like that. The idea is to eat healthy food and minimize the need to move a lot.

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