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Ok, so here is everything that people have been doing. How much of it have you been doing? Take the lockdown quiz and find out. Whoa! This is going to be a fun ride! 25 questions, outlining the most important tasks that we had at hand, apart from staying in and protecting ourselves and our loved ones. Let the game of quarantine begin!

Movie marathon?

Work from home?

Came up with a billion dollar business idea?

Watched Money Heist?

Zoom or Skype meeting?

Baked a Pizza?

Made a Tik Tok Video

Cooked momos?

Read a book?

Spend a day in undies?

Went grocery shopping?

Did the dishes?

Dress up for no reason!

Donated for COVID-19?

Workout at Home?

Watched 4 More Shots Please?

Fought with Siblings?

Cleaned your room/home? Jhaadu-pocha?

Modi ji ke tasks?

Fill water bottles and put them in the fridge?

Felt anxious?

Watched Panchayat?

Watch/Re-watch FRIENDS

Celebrated a Quarantine Friday?

Group video calls with Friends?

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