15 Amazing Images We Clicked When Google Maps Left Us Alone In Himachal Pradesh

For me and my better half, short getaways are usually about exploring mountains in our car. Thus, Himachal Pradesh is one of our favorite destinations. In March 2018, we set out on a usual car ride from Chandigarh to Naldehra (near Simla). We were confident about the route but when we switched on Google Maps ‘just to be sure’, it showed us a shortcut to reach our destination. Like any other traveler, we said ‘why not?’ and started following Google Maps like a religion. Pretty soon, Google Maps started behaving like Google Maps and left us in the middle of nowhere. That is when all these images happened on our journey of finding our way back to the destination.

Arki Fort
everything was broken around
Arki Fort, Himachal Pradesh
found one fort somewhere in the middle
Himachal pradesh
and the fort was closed
Palace in himachal pradesh
nobody was around
hand pump in mountains
moving ahead we found this
Naldera Himachal Pradesh
the road was closed ahead
himachal pradesh
Glad we found this beautiful tree
Broken big tree
kufri himachal pradesh
found snow on the way
himachal pradesh in March
snow snow snow!
himachal pradesh
but the view was mesmerizing
oh yes! we found a gate
Himachal Pradesh
and the way to Naldera is here

That is all about our mini thrilling trip and we enjoyed every bit of it. Unfortunately, I lost all these photos as my SD card got crashed. But thank you to Stellar Data Recovery Softwares that helped me recover all my memories. Check their software if you want to recover your data even from a broken disk.

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