This Black And White Pencil Dress Is The Perfect Smart Office Wear!

Hey beautiful! How are you doing? Today, I am sharing my perfect smart office wear.  This one is my favorite outfit – Black and White Pencil Dress from StalkBuyLove. Although it is a plain dress but, black and white looks always classy and that is why this outfit is in my smart office wear list.


Here’s how I carried this black and white pencil dress.

smart office wear

smart office wear

Pencil dress can never go out of fashion and I couldn’t resist picking this dress because of its unique design. This is the perfect smart office wear which can be carried on any office occasion; like in official parties, meetings etc. Plus, this gets you all the attention from everyone in the room.

smart office wear

Coming to the makeup deets; if it is about an official meeting or a party then, don’t forget to put on a base. I have used Makeup Studio base or you can also use Miss Claire Studio Perfect Primer (Check it out here) and the other alternative which you can try is to use a MAC fix it (check here). Blood red lipstick (check here) is a must with a black and white dress. A winged liner gives a classy touch to a formal look.

smart office wear

[All photo credits to Third Eye Photography]


Big silver hoops (check here) in ears, a watch, and a silver black ring are the accessories which I have carried with this outfit are a perfect match. Complete your smart office wear look with a sexy footwear. I wore black 4-inch pencil heel but a smaller heel would also do the job; a classy flat belly will also go well.


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