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Giveaway Alert – AC Moisturizing Cream From Happily Unmarried

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I love to pamper my skin and this is why I am always looking for products and hacks that can help me and my skin shine brighter. One such product that I recently came across is a moisturizing cream from Happily Unmarried that promises health and protection from the urban jungle. I was not sure if I needed it or not, or it worked or not, or what on earth is Myramaze, and what the heck, I bought it. It was delivered in a day and I used it for 7 days straight. Results?

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Right in the Feels

I loved it. I loved each and every single drop of it. It is smooth, silky and hydrates my skin to the highest possible limits. I could feel the moisturizer sinking in my skin and I instantly knew that I am going to buy it time and again.

I am not going to review it right now; that may happen some other day (working on something more exciting at the moment) and so, I am going to write only a few bullet points about the AC moisturizing cream.

  • Soothes the skin
  • Contains Myramaze – which actually helps in hydrating the skin
  • Protects from the dangerous radiations of the electronics around us
  • You would be able to see the results right from first use
  • You would fall in love with it
  • More protective than a jealous boyfriend. – I stole this from Happily Unmarried. They are funny AF..!

Now, coming to the Giveaway.

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I want people to feel good about themselves and thus I am giving away one AC Moisturizing Cream to one lucky winner. All you have to do is enter the email below. Nothing serious in there, just a couple of questions and a simple email form. Please ensure that you provide your real email because the winner will be contacted through email.

So, lets start with it!

IMPORTANT! Use your real e-mail id

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