Things To Add A Tint Of Uniqueness To Your Living Space By Studio Twenty-7

The place where you spend most of your time is your most sacred place; it’s the place where you make the most number of memories. For such places it’s important you create a positive aura and the more personal you make that place, the more inviting it is.

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We know it’s not easy to come close to a change, but sometimes change is all that you need to feel alive. Here are some ways with which you can brighten up your living area and create the most memorable memories.

Add a low seating corner

For nights that turn into mornings with friends who are more like family, there are some spaces where you want to sit for hours playing games and gossiping while sipping your favorite wine. Create that little corner with the most comfortable cushions and blankets.

The wall of fame

If you don’t have a wall where a set of photo frames has literally conquered it all, you need to add it now! Not that it’s a mandatory thing; it is something you will feel happy about in every glance. Who doesn’t like a trip down to the memory lane now and then?

The dreamy fireplace

Well it’s not always cold and you don’t always need a fireplace but it definitely adds a whole lot of charm to the living area. Keep a set of couches right on both sides and make it your conversation corner. You will be amazed how magical it feels to sit by a fireplace and have a conversation.

The corner ceiling lamp

Yes, it sounds very every day but it definitely won’t look average once you put it up there. The beauty of a corner-ceiling lamp lies in the magical illumination it provides to that particular corner. Your living area should be well lit and highlighting the corners makes it look even more interesting and attractive.

Pick up a weekend and take this up as an activity! Changing our surroundings once in a while drives a wave of positivity, which eventually helps in spreading love and happiness. Studio Twenty-7 can help you in lightening up in your living space. You can check out their beautiful collection on Instagram also.

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17 thoughts on “Things To Add A Tint Of Uniqueness To Your Living Space By Studio Twenty-7”

  1. These tips are useful when you want to give makeover to your home with minimal investment. I too believe in rearranging the existing furniture and stuff every few months to give a fresh look to my home.

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